Manufactured and installed complete facade wooden joinery. The building of the Zemun Gymnasium is under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade, so it was necessary to restore the authentic appearance of wooden carpentry in terms of profiling, decoration and division with the application of new materials, technology and standards. During the production, photographs of authentic windows were used, profiling and sash division were “copied”. Particular attention was paid to arched windows, decorations on the facade of the building and the coincidence of the decorative elements of the windows and the facade. The entrance door from the gymnasium yard is also made of laminated wood with a profile according to the authentic one on the wooden door. PVC carpentry was dismantled from the gymnasium building. The new wooden joinery was tested and certified at IMS before installation in order to meet all the required conditions in terms of thermal conductivity, safety, resistance to wind and weather.