Production is carried out on over 6000 m2, and is divided in various departments. Production of sawn timber with steaming and drying facilities, wood processing plant, aluminium joinery production and plate-cutting plant and interior designing.

In technological meaning, these are all individual units but nonetheless flexible enough to satisfy every need when working at the same time and combined. Besides the aforementioned technologies; wood processing, wood and metal combined, we also have other equipment which allows us to work on many other types of products.


The development of the primary wood processing and also the opening of a sawmill and a plant, as a result brings a perfectly complete wood processing production. Private spaces for drying the cut material, automated line for linear and expansional continuation of the masses, processing centre for a production of windows and doors, plate production, combined pressing for laminating and veneer coating, lines for a superficial processing with paint and lac chambers, are all the most important segments regarding the wood processing and production. Carpentry products are made of lamellar wood, oak, red fir, fir, ash tree, cherry tree, as well as of some other types if previously arranged.

Wood-aluminum and aluminum-wood joinery

The exclusive part of our production is the joinery that is made in two combinations. A combination of wood and aluminium is becoming more and more popular on our market in terms of facade joinery. The basic constructive material of the windows is wood (oak, red fir, fir, ash tree, etc) which is aluminium plated so it makes the product last longer and be more immune to the outside effects.

The wooden part gives the warmth and massiveness to a window and combines it perfectly with the rest of the space design. The basic constructive material of the window is aluminium material with thermal break, which is plated with wood on the inside (oak, ash tree, etc). The choice of the superficial aluminium and wood processings is according to the tone cards.

Aluminium joinery 

We make our aluminium joinery products out of domestic aluminium materials with thermal break and without it, as well as of the imported materials. Superficial processing of the material, anodising and plastification are done in accordance to tone cards. Modern line for aluminium processing provides good quality joints, regularity of cuts and a high quality of products.


Floors and home accessory